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The Healing Process

I want to talk about the Healing Process. Because it is not a one-off event, but ongoing.


For many years I would go to the chapel near my house and say daily “I forgive my mother,” “I forgive my father” and whoever else I needed to forgive. So my relationship with my parents improved and we had many happy times together.

But my brain was stuck in a negative bias. This means that I was only aware of the negative memories and forgot the positive ones.

I have found many practices to be therapeutic over the years. Writing poetry was a way for me to vomit my emotions. Similarly journaling helps me process my thoughts. Dancing raises my vibration. Saying affirmations in the mirror is a way of loving myself. And listening to beautiful music is soothing to my soul.

My most recent discovery is making a list of positive memories of my family. They came up in a random order. I then recorded them and put them in chronological order. Now I can listen to them when I am driving or going for a walk. As I listen I smile, and other memories come into my mind which I add to the recording.

The Most Natural Way for the Healing Process

Another thing that brings about healing is crying. We all knew how to do it from birth! But as adults we seldom allow ourselves to cry. A few days ago I cried in front of a whole lot of strangers on a Zoom call! This was because I was telling them what I feel my true mission is. And it felt incredibly vulnerable. Also, twice in the last week, couples coaching recently someone cried. I shared with both of them the healing benefits of crying.

Lastly, taking back your power is healing and you can read about that here.

These kinds of methods are truly life-changing. We could use them whenever we have negative thoughts. But that would be the emotional equivalent to waiting until we are about to die of starvation before eating. Instead, we can have a daily meal of them, so that we can be really healthy.

I invite you to try any and all of these methods. And do let me know how you get on with them. I love to hear from my readers!

If you’d like some support in the healing process, book a call with me here to see how I can help.

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