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The Courageous Coach

The Courageous Coach

My name is Fiona Pimentel, and I am The Courageous Coach.

The Courageous Coach

I have overcome numerous struggles, including childhood trauma from a dysfunctional family and physical bullying at school. My journey of self-discovery and healing has been profoundly shaped by extensive reading on self-development and relationships.

Since 1993, my marriage has provided me with countless opportunities for personal growth, enriching my understanding of relationships and human connection. In 2021 I embarked on a journey of Courage, consciously undertaking challenges and experiences that would help me to grown in this area.

These experiences, combined with my certifications in Life Coaching, Couples Therapy, Clearing Limiting Beliefs and Counseling Skills, have equipped me with a unique blend of insights and techniques.

My coaching is tailor-made for you, drawing from my personal experiences and professional training. I am particularly passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs, helping them build confidence and self-esteem so that their true selves can shine. As The Courageous Coach, I am dedicated to guiding you on your journey to self-discovery and empowerment through Courageous Action.

My Qualifications

Insight Coaching Community: Coaching for Insight, Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

The Gottman Institute: Couples Therapy

Stephen Ministries: Counseling Skills

Global Sciences Foundation: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Institute of Counseling (UK): Life Coaching Certificate

LIFE (UK): Counseling Skills


What The Courageous Coach offers

1:1 Life Coaching on Zoom or in person.

1:2 Relationship Coaching on Zoom.

Group Coaching on Zoom.

In Person Retreats.

Benefits of 1:1 coaching with The Courageous Coach

There are many benefits that you might get from coaching. Below are some people’s responses when asked what they got from our coaching.

A plan of Action that is in Alignment with your Values

I coached Sara Fernandes on her business and also on a personal matter of great importance. This is what she had to say after 6 sessions.

Space to Process

I asked Joy Strube, an ADHD coach, what she got out of my coaching. This was her reply.



The word “Clarity” comes to mind as one of the main benefits of coaching with me. Donni Satu, a Director of Entertainment in the Hospitality industry in Vietnam, had this to say after his 5th coaching session with me:

Overcoming Overwhelm


Often when we are starting out in business we feel overwhelmed by all the different things we need to learn and the tasks we have to do. Here is what Gabrielle wanted to share about coaching with me:

“I was struggling to get things done because I was overwhelmed with personal and professional issues.
I couldn’t think clearly to create a path that worked well for me. Fiona’s coaching was so productive and helpful. I loved how she held the space for me and really listened to more than just the words that I was saying.
Then when she heard me, we jumped right into action and helped me move forward during
our sessions.
There were times where I was struggling to move forward for months, and we were able to move forward in minutes.
I feel gratitude, lighter, less overwhelmed and able to keep my pace with my endeavours.
I was able to create this sense of peace within myself because she helped me to create quick and easy steps to help me to move forward so that I stay out of the world of overwhelm.
She’s great at helping you come out of your story and guiding you towards an action step that feels good for you, then jumping into action on the call to help you move forward before you leave the call.
It’s quite satisfying!”
Gabrielle Haili, US


Creating Something Awesome with The Courageous Coach

Here is Angie, who wanted to plan a retreat with horses, but didn’t know where to start.

Immediate Progress

As I am very practical, I love to help people take action right on the call. Anita Hempenius is a Dutch entrepreneur, who lives in a caravan in England. This is what she got from a call with me.

Better Boundaries

Tanya Alvarez Diaz, from Florida is a Master Personal Insight Life Coach who helps others create the life they really want to live. She shared the greatest insight she got from her coaching session.

More Self Knowledge with The Courageous Coach

Rebekah Brooks has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is Head of Marketing and Sales of Health City in the Cayman Islands. These were her thoughts about her experiences of my coaching.

Time Management and Work Life Balance

Anna- Lise Wisdom is a partner at Conyers (law firm) in the Cayman Islands. She balances her work with spending time with her family. She had this to say.

To see other people’s opinions, scroll down for more reviews.

Click here to book a 1 hour appointment.

How is Coaching with The Courageous Coach Unique?

Coaching with the Courageous Coach benefits people who are ready to take Courageous action. Rather than looking back over all the problems that you may have had in life, we will be looking forward at what positive changes you want to put in place to improve your life. We will dream BIG! This is an exciting process!

Coaching is also not the same as teaching or mentoring. As The Courageous Coach, I will challenge you to come up with your own insights, rather than give you advice.

It is a professional relationship where together we draw out of you the Courage you have within. This is more powerful than giving advice, as it empowers you to make your own decisions.

What is it Like Coaching with The Courageous Coach?

Coaching with the Courageous Coach is custom made for you. It is a safe space where you will not be judged, no matter what you say. It can go very deep and even be profoundly spiritual. In fact, the more willing you are to open up, the more you will get out of your coaching.

Here is Mari Schurian’s reaction to coaching with me. Mari is South African and lives in the United States. She is an Energy Psychology practitioner who focuses on integrative mental health programs for individuals, groups, and communities.


Your Time with The Courageous Coach

Sometimes people come to me for coaching to vent about another person. Coaching is definitely not about changing anyone else.  This is your time, for you, and it is all about giving you the space to change you!

It is your responsibility to take ownership of your life. Nobody can do this for you. When you are ready to take responsibility, that is when the changes happen.

Daniel Pattico is the Owner/Manager of JD Design & Construction in the Cayman Islands. After 2 venting sessions, he was ready to start his coaching.  This is what he said about the experience.


Try out a Conversation with The Courageous Coach

Most people don’t know what coaching is. Even if they have an idea, it may not be an accurate one. So, if you are considering Coaching, but are not sure what to expect, I invite you to try it out first.

Most coaches will offer you a 15 minute Discovery Call to talk about coaching and find out if it is a good fit. I offer you a one hour real coaching session, where you can actually experience it for yourself.

It means that even if you decide not to go ahead with the coaching, you have still benefitted from the time spent with me.  You can book your one hour coaching session here.  I invite you to try it.

Morne Botes, an international businessman, luxury condo developer and environmentalist, living in the Cayman Islands, simply had this to say about coaching


Prepare to talk with The Courageous Coach

Before each call, please sit quietly and have a think about what you want to create in your life. What do you want more of? What do you want to be doing less of? What do you want to create for your life?

Coaching can help you in mind, body, heart and soul.

Consider the different areas of your life. These will vary depending on what is important to you.

They might include:

Personal Development, Romantic Relationship, Client Creation, Health & Fitness, Friendships, Family, Finances, Career, Faith, Spirituality, Community Involvement, Hobbies, Interests and more.


Mind, body, soul


After each call with The Courageous Coach

It is a good idea to spend some time contemplating on what you have learned about yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What have I learned about myself?

How can I implement these insights?

Why is this important?

When will I start to make the necessary changes?


1:2 Relationship Coaching on Zoom with The Courageous Coach

Click here to read all about my Couples Coaching.

 “I learned during our sessions with Fiona that my wife was considering a separation when we began coaching. I’m happy to say that Fiona helped us get to the point where we were able to dispose of the separation talk and enjoy a cruise celebrating our 23rd anniversary! We learned how to improve our communication and reduce conflicts by talking through our feelings rather than fighting for a win. As well as improved communication, we have reduced the number of arguments and have worked on reinvigorating our friendship. We still have a lot to work on, but we are on the right path. Fiona is to be highly recommended! Over the years, we have experienced a number of counselors, but her coaching approach has been much more effective.”
BB, Houston, Texas 

Click here to see what else people have said about my Couples Coaching.

Group Coaching on Zoom With The Courageous Coach

Click here to see information on Group Coaching

In Person Retreats with The Courageous Coach

Click to see details about the In Person Retreats at our beautiful property Sea Orchard Retreat.

Sharing Circle



More about Coaching with The Courageous Coach



CiaraHaving a coach really is important during chaotic times.
I was feeling overwhelmed lately, but now I feel calmer and definitely more grounded.
It’s doable now.
I can do this and succeed because we’ve created steps to do it.
Ciara Perez, Texas




In just a few short months of working with The Courageous Coach I experienced a lot of internal growth. Her unique insight, attention to details, and honesty helped me focus on my goals in my career, marriage, and overall general areas of life. I highly recommend Fiona!
Ivonne K, US


“One hour with The Courageous Coach and SO much breakthrough!
I help other people organize their thoughts but I hard-core struggle to do this FOR myself! Fiona asked questions that made the things I had been avoiding (asking for referrals, turning discovery into paid clients) so practical, simple and doable! She’s an Insight Coach and I get why it’s called that – work with her and get a heck of  good insight on whatever is keeping you stuck in business or in life.” Joy Strube, Co. Oregon


“I was at a stage in my life where I felt I could not go on with my marriage any longer, I wanted things to change. Even though I was doing deep healing work with myself and with other Coaches, Fiona’s coaching offered to support both partners in joint sessions. My hubby agreed to this and thereafter every session Fiona held for us just brought us closer. We started learning to communicate with each other more empathically. I feel this was the greatest breakthrough for us. Learning to have healthier and more empathic conversations in a relationship is everything and I wish we were taught this from an early age. The exercises were so much fun and being able to participate in them together only brought us closer. We also got to work on some difficult challenges we had with each other and Fiona held space for us to come to a happy solution. Having these sessions were truly helpful in finding where the leaks are in our marriage and how we could improve our connection, communication as well as friendship in all areas.
If I had to rate my relationship with my husband before and after working with Fiona I would say it went from being maybe a 3 at the beginning to now a 9….and the reason is that we have found that love and connection again. This is what I think I was truly desiring. I realized that I was craving empathy from him and I felt unheard.Mariam and Shabeer

This opened up the door for me to uncover a hurt inner child who was rejecting herself. Your self love exercise in my separate session supported me to acknowledge her pain and give her empathy, love and compassion. Ever since then I feel a difference in my attitude towards my hubby. I am more kind and compassionate towards his areas of weakness.
We also went on a beautiful getaway to a Game park and spa this weekend and after a very long time we truly enjoyed each other’s company and just being together. The insight I got at this tranquil place was that; “As spouses we are here to complement each other. Complement the weakness found in each other.” A verse in the Qur’an says about the relationship between spouses; “They are like garments unto you and you are like garments unto them.”
If You are having relationship challenges such as feeling disconnected from your partner and unable to communicate your feelings and needs, I definitely suggest working with Fiona. I truly feel every new couple should also work with Fiona just to learn how to create better friendship with your partner and so many other tools, so as to have a much happier marriage.
Thank you Fiona for your Light and Love, it has been a true blessing on our marriage. You are an Angel, the work you do is divine and I trust you will continue to spread this light for many other couples. Stay blessed always.
Mariam, South Africa 


My business felt kind of stuck. I was demotivated and felt kind of sad that my dream business didn’t go anywhere. Some of my energy had stilled a bit.
I was embraced by Fiona’s warmth and encouragement. She has a warm and calming energy. And she is good at asking the right questions.
I liked talking about my business’ core values. I felt like I shouldn’t give up yet. It was uplifting and a positive experience. I feel empowered and like I should just go for it.
Sigrid from Memorycartoons, Denmark

“I enjoyed coaching with Fiona. I didn’t know what was going to come out. I have some fresh actions and a fresh perspective.”
Dubem M, London


“Fiona! You are the BOMB!!!!!  Not sure what that means to you, but here it means you are the BEST!!! You are angel from heaven! I value our time together and recognize our issues are deep seated and have taken years to develop. I look forward to many more productive sessions!”
CB, Texas 

“This has been a very good experience for me because some of the things were helpful like writing it down so I don’t forget. I feel that you have given me some space to think about what it feels like for me, so I know what it feels like for other people. I am becoming more qualified which is saying that I am already qualified.”
Leon Fong, Singapore 

“Fiona was very receptive to what I was saying. She understood my issues, and that allowed me to open up and elaborate more on my situation. Her questions  got me to think about my issues  in a way I haven’t thought of prior to our discussion. I liked her ideas and  the exercises she suggested I do. You are in good hands with Fiona.”
Arielle, Toronto   


“Mrs. Fiona Pimentel, my life coach, has been working with me online for 4 months. I enjoy her method of communicating, it allows me to easily understand her simple and uncomplicated words which she expresses in a very encouraging and reassuring manner.
The sessions have been truly beneficial and motivating for me. Which create an awareness of the possibilities open to me. I am more aware of my capabilities  regarding the talents and hobbies I have, also the opportunities available for employment. I see a brighter and more progressive future ahead. Thank you Mrs. Pimentel for the amazing work that you are doing in touching lives.” M.L. Jamaica 


“I have found a clearer vision for the future, and practical steps to help me get to where I want to be. There was a click. Her questions were thoughtful and the conversation delightful. I recommend Fiona, she can help.” VS, Cayman Islands 




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