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Taking Back your Power

Taking back your power is healing.

Taking back your power

On Saturday I sent a message to a woman who I used to be friends with at Prep School in the UK. She grew up in the Cayman Islands, so she was actually the reason I had heard of them as a wonderful and positive place to live. A mutual friend had told me she didn’t remember me, so I had not bothered to contact her in the 22 years I’ve lived here. Limiting beliefs can hold us back in so many ways!

She had actually been in the year below me at school. So in theory we would not have been friends. The reason I was friends with her was because the boys in my class used to hit me. As a result the girls in my class were too scared to be friends with me. She and another friend in her class were like a safe haven for me.

As soon as I sent the message I started to cry, which was a surprise. When I thought about why, I understood that they were healing tears. It’s all about putting things right and taking back my power. Although I’ve forgiven those boys long ago, the years of daily kicks and insults had affected me deeply. Because of my limiting beliefs, my relationships and career were severely impaired.

But you and I know that NOW is the time to embrace change and positive beliefs.

Taking Back Your Power through Setting Goals

While on the theme of taking back my power, this past Sunday was a good one for that. I ran the Cayman Half Marathon for the first time. I have not been a regular runner until recently. It was something I only thought of in September. But it turned out that it was all about taking back my power. Setting that goal and consistently working towards it has helped build my confidence and shown me I have so much more potential.

Cayman is completely flat so that made it achievable as a beginner. One of the other things that made a difference is the playlist I’ve been running to. Obviously, having a good beat certainly helps. But what I’m amazed at is how many songs there are that empower women. Where have I been? For the last 30 years, I’ve been too busy bringing up 4 children and working on my self development to notice much of what was happening in the music world.

If any of this resonates with you and you’d like any support taking back your power, book yourself a free coaching call.

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