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Healing Waters


Healing Waters is a 5 day residential retreat.

We host it in May and September: for exact dates email

It is held at our beautiful property, Sea Orchard Retreat.

This retreat is for you, if you want to experience healing in your life.

Water has been used for centuries in healing, and it has huge significance. 

Daily Themes:

Day One: Cleansing 

Day Two: Blessings for New Life 

Day Three: Nourishing Relationships 

Day Four: Water our Seeds 

Day Five: Creating Power 



In the mornings we do daily group coaching. We also schedule time for journaling, and we have group meditation sessions. 


Lunch time

You will have free time in the middle of the day to have lunch. There are over 150 restaurants in Cayman, and we invite you to explore what delights the island has to offer. 


Rest Time

After lunch, there will be some rest time before the afternoon activities.


The afternoons are when we do our water-based activities on and around the property. This is an opportunity for us to bond as a group, so we strongly recommend that you take part in what we are doing each afternoon. 



These activities include but are not limited to kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, snorkelling over the reef, and enjoying the hot tub.


Let it soak in

This fun time is often when what we have learned in the morning starts to permeate our being. We are made up of mind, body and soul. And don’t forget the all important heart! They are all connected and we are all connected to one another. 

Mind, body, soul


In the evenings we all have dinner as a group and we have opportunities to share around the fire-pit. This time together is very important in building our trust up and becoming community.


Friends for Life

When you spend 5 days together in a wonderful environment, doing meaningful activities, you find that you are making friends for life. This is what we hope for you when you come to Healing Waters Retreat.

To find out more, or to enrol, email We look forward to welcoming you to Healing Waters. 

To book a 1:1 coaching session find an appointment here.


If you want to take a virtual tour around Sea Orchard Retreat, have a look here.




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