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What have you lost?


Last week I lost my AirPods. It was quite ironic that I had lost them because I had recently told my husband that having AirPods was life-changing. This was because I could now walk the dog without getting tangled up in wires every time Kanga suddenly switches sides. He was so inspired by my enthusiasm that he bought himself some AirPods.

I searched every room several times. Under the bed was an obvious place as I remembered leaving them on the bedside table when I went to sleep. No sign of them. I looked all around the bedside table, but they were nowhere to be seen. Having not found them, I asked an app which told me they were definitely in my road! Needing a bit more of a precise answer, I asked Siri to play a sound, but I couldn’t hear a thing.

It was so frustrating not being able to find them. I felt quite helpless. Then after nearly a week, the phrase “the pearl of great price came into mind.” It comes from the Bible and refers to faith. I do feel that over the last five years I have been losing my faith. Or at least it has changed beyond all recognition. Certainly my disillusionment and loss of trust in the church has affected me deeply. Perhaps my 3 family bereavements also had some bearing, in that I am now freer to choose my life for myself.

It occurred to me that if I was distraught at losing my AirPods and was doing everything in my power to find them, shouldn’t I also be doing all in my power to find my faith? I considered that the reason I lost my AirPods was because I needed to come to this question. As soon as I had that thought I found my AirPods. They had somehow got under the middle off our bed. I had only looked under it on my side!

What have you lost in life that you would like to find or get back to? I would be happy to support you in finding it again.



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