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Know Your Purpose

Know Your PurposeHow well do you know your purpose? Are you in control of your journey? Or are you reacting to every little thing that happens?


“Life is happening for us, not to us” as Tony Robbins has said. All the things that happen in our lives contribute to us becoming the best version of ourselves.


The problem is that many of us tend to remember our pain more than the joys. This negativity bias means that we actually feel the negatives stronger than the positives.


We may be in so much pain that we focus on the negatives and we don’t even register the positives. In some cases someone’s ears may cease to work when they are being complimented!


The reason for this tendency can be found in prehistory. Our ancestors who were more aware of danger were more likely to survive. Those living in blissful denial were more likely to be eaten by a lion!


Now that most of us are not being chased by predators, this thinking can instead lead to depression. Which is obviously not very helpful!


But the good news is our pain also gives us our purpose. Viktor Frankl, holocaust survivor and author of ”Man’s Search for Meaning” talked about finding meaning and purpose in our pain.


Monday 9 January at 6 pm EST I will be offering my first Magnetic Mindset training in my Facebook Group. The subject is Know Your Purpose. If you want to get to know your purpose better you can come to the training by joining Called to Courage helping women create the confidence to live their purpose.

To find out what other trainings are available, please contact me at


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