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It Took Me Ten Years!


If you are like me you are a procrastinator and lacking in confidence. There are certain things that you know are important. If you ever made the time to do them, they would have such an impact on your life. But somehow, you never have that time to get started.

That is how it has been for me with Life Coaching. I knew if I wanted to be a life coach I would need to experience it for myself. I did my certification ten years ago, but life got in the way. From a job that took up all my time, to three bereavements and house clearances, I just never had a moment to even think about it. Until now.

When we hit rock bottom we no longer have a choice – we have to do something about it. The pandemic ensured that my finances certainly hit rock bottom. So I enrolled in an online coaching group and within ONE day my life had started changing. I chose Career as the category I would work with, so I agreed to undertake some small daily activities. It takes me less than ten minutes a day to do them, but I can already see such a difference in both my competence and my confidence.

The great thing is that when we improve one area of our life, our enthusiasm catches on in other areas too, so that we become unstoppable. So although I chose to concentrate on my career, my exercise has increased, my social life has improved and did I mention my confidence?

What I love about coaching is that you can watch someone’s mindset changing, so that at the end of an hour’s session, they have grown as a person and so has the coach.

To find out how to get a free online coaching session email me at Don’t wait ten years! Let’s take your life to a whole new level!

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