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Cultivating Peace

Cultivating PeacCultivating peace in our lives is within our control. We can’t change other people, but we can always change our own attitudes, thoughts and how we behave.

I may have mentioned before that when my sister died I went to her body and said “I’m sorry”, “I forgive you” and “I love you” again and again. This turns out to be very similar to a practice that used in Hawaii called Ho’oponopono.

When there is any lack of peace the person or people involved consider their share of the blame. Then they say the 4 phrases: “I love you”, “I’m sorry” “Will you forgive me?” And “Thank you”.

You can journal on these phrases and see what you come up with. I have developed an exercise where I write “I forgive”, “I am sorry”, “I forgive myself”, “I’m grateful for” and “I commit in love to.” It is as important to forgive ourselves as it is to forgive others and receive forgiveness.

Here is an example:

I forgive:

  • My father
  • The boys who hit me at school
  • My boyfriends
  • My husband
  • Certain men at church

I’m sorry for not giving enough love to:

  • My parents
  • My sisters
  • My friends
  • My husband
  • My children

I forgive myself for:

  • Having a negativity bias
  • Succumbing to fear and depression
  • Not trying hard enough
  • Not loving myself enough
  • Not respecting myself enough

I’m grateful for:

  • The difference exercise makes
  • The courses I’ve done
  • The coaching I’ve received
  • People’s support on Facebook
  • People being generally good.

I commit in love to:

  • Being loving in all relationships
  • Reaching out to people to affirm and encourage them
  • Believing in the positivity of people
  • Believing that I am loved
  • Trusting in the providence of God.

I invite you to try this exercise yourself and do let me know how it goes. Another great exercise you could do is my Self love journaling exercise. 

If you’d like any support with cultivating peace in your life let’s have a call.

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