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Letter to Self

Letter to Self

Letter to Self

I have been listening to my Letter to Self. Let me explain. On Friday, I hosted the first session of a 6 week group coaching package. It is called Confidence, Courage & Clarity, and the first session is an affirming Letter to Self.  It followed on from my Self Love Journaling Coaching Exercise the Friday before. Participants wrote answers to several self love prompts. These formed the different sections of the letter.

In the Letter to Self we say what we love about ourselves. We remind ourselves to be confident and give evidence for that. Then we give ourselves permission to do what makes us happy. We speak healing words to ourselves, and wish ourselves blessings.

When participants have finished writing the letter, we share our letters with each other. This is what is special about group coaching. As I mentioned in my previous post, when people share their experiences and are vulnerable, they begin to build connection. Over the course of the program, they form friendships and become a community.

Then I encourage them to type it up and print it out. They can frame it and hang it on the wall, somewhere they will see it. Another way to use it is to record yourself reading it. This is what I have done with mine. Hearing the letter in your own voice is a powerful experience.

Often as coaches we are so good at giving to others what we ourselves need. But we forget to give it to ourselves. This Letter to Self is one very helpful way that we can give ourselves what we need. And of course, it is not only for coaches! Anyone would benefit from doing this exercise.

Listening to your own words in your own voice is much more powerful than listening to someone else saying positive statements. Only you know what you most need to hear, and saying it to yourself is so empowering.

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