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Add a Little Adventure

What would it mean to you to add a little adventure?

Add a Little Adventure

When I think of adventure, my mind wonders to exploring jungles, mountains and rivers. Where does your mind wonder?


It’s a wonderful thing to plan an adventurous journey, and I would definitely encourage you to make that plan. But what if we could have an adventure in our own town, city or region? What if we could just add a little adventure to our every day lives?


This morning, my husband and I went for a walk, as we do every Saturday. I suggested we drive to our walk in his new truck. He wanted to go to the same place we drove to last time. But I reminded him that variety is the spice of life, so he agreed to go on a mystery drive.


We drove to the sailing club and parked the truck. Then we started walking down the road. After a few minutes in the heat, I wanted to walk in the shade. It just so happened that we came to the entrance to a shade-filled property. I wanted to go in but we hesitated.


A broken, faded old sign said Private Property. The metal gate was rusty and someone had bent one of the rods so there was a big gap. We climbed through the gap and entered what looked like the garden of Eden.


I could see beautiful pine trees but the garden was completely overgrown with Scaevola bushes.  There was still the remains of a path winding to a house. The house had outside walls missing and was empty.


We walked behind the house and came to the shoreline. This shoreline was wild and unkempt, rather than a manicured, pristine beach. So we walked along it picking out where to step so we wouldn’t trip on a piece of rock. There were clear views of land across the water.


We stood by the water and identified other parts of the island that we could see in the land in front of us. I still find the geography of our island confusing, as parts that seem far by road, are actually very near each other as the crow flies. But that is life on a small island.


This little walk felt like an adventure. Yet we didn’t have to go far to experience that feeling. What adventures can you experience in your local area? And how can you bring a sense of adventure to your life? How about a visit to Sea Orchard Retreat?

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