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Month: July 2023

Why I Dance Every Morning


Why I Dance Every Morning

There are so many reasons why I dance every morning. Perhaps you can relate to some of them.

  1. First of all, I am a person who believes you should only do exercise you love. Therefore the thought of going to a boot camp with someone shouting instructions at me is a huge turn off. If you love the exercise you do, you are so much more likely to continue doing it every day. Dance is good for my physical health and I feel good in my body.
  2. Secondly, any kind of movement that gets us to use our bodies differently from usual is good for our mental health. Trauma resides in our bodies, and makes us get stuck in the body language of helplessness. When we dance, we are expressing ourselves however we want and we release that tension from our bodies and minds. So dancing makes me feel good in my mind as well.
  3. Dancing to music with positive words also affects me emotionally. Often the songs are about overcoming adversity and feeling great. So these ideas fill my mind every time I dance to them. Even if I start off feeling down, within a minute I feel really good about myself.
  4. I usually dance to praise music. Which means that the dance is a kind of prayer. When I dance I am connecting myself to something higher than myself. As humans, we all need to do this in whatever way we feel comfortable with. Even if you are not a person of faith, you will benefit from some sort of spiritual practice.
  5. I live in the Caribbean, where it is hot all year round! In the heat of summer, it is wonderful to be able to exercise in the air conditioning, without the risk of overheating or sunburn!

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