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Month: May 2023

Heal from Emotional Abuse

Is it really possible to heal from emotional abuse or neglect? Yes, it certainly is possible and I speak from experience.

Heal from Emotional Abuse

When we’ve been emotionally abused or neglected as children we carry deep wounds into adulthood. We have been let down by the very people we trust the most. The ones whose job it is to love and nurture us. Yet they were somehow unable to do this and so in a sense were untrustworthy.

So we learn to trust no-one.  This obviously makes it hard to have healthy relationships. In fact we even seek out people who are similar to our parents and have unhealthy relationships with them. We tend to trust the least trustworthy people. And we may find it hard to trust people who are actually trustworthy.

Maybe you always had food and clothes and a safe place to live. You might have been on regular vacations. But still you are wondering if there was abuse or neglect in your childhood home.

How do you know if your childhood was abusive or you suffered from neglect?

Here are some signs:

  • There was a lot of shouting in your house growing up
  • Nobody ever said positive words
  • You never received any hugs or physical affection
  • Criticism was the main means of communication
  • Shame and blame were always present

The results of emotional abuse or neglect include:

  • Low self esteem
  • Trust issues
  • Heightened sensitivity to rejection
  • Excessive embarrassment and shame
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions

If any of this sounds like your experience, I invite you to join me for “Heal from Emotional Abuse” on the 10th July at 7pm EDT. This event will be on Zoom.

The 3 main skills you will learn are:

  • How to reparent yourself – this is so important as nobody can do this except you.
  • How to recognise who to trust – this will help you not to be fooled by the wrong people ever again.
  • How to build healthy relationships – finally move on with your life with supportive people around you.

We will also talk about making sure that we ourselves are trustworthy, because that is also essential if we are to move forward to the life we want.

You can message me to register your interest here and get the Zoom link. For help with relationships see also



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